Vice President of Operations - USstoragesearch
Mike Jones serves as Vice President of Operations at

Hi, I’m Mike Jones VP Operations at

I have worked at since 2005.  When I started with USSS the company had 3 employees and I was a sales rep.  When first brought on board I developed our outbound sales procedure to help add smaller operators to our footprint.   We now have the largest self storage directory in the industry.

Through the years I have climbed the ladder within USSS and have found myself leading the sales and marketing teams which eventually grew into leading the operations of the company.  On a daily basis I dig into each department within our company (Administration, Call Center, Sales/Marketing, SEO/Content, and IT).  My goal is to help each department run as smoothly and efficiently as possible which in turn helps the team take care of our clients.

With the internet consistently evolving I am always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition.  Constant education is the only way to ensure that   I love connecting with each of our members.  Feel free to call me anytime to let me know how things are going and what other things we could do to help you with your internet marketing for your self storage facility.