By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

We have come to the time of year that everyone starts their list of what they are thankful for and plaster it on all social media outlets and blog sites.  I was feeling left out so I figured what the heck, let’s give everyone the opportunity to hear me talk about what I’m thankful for at

  1. CoffeeI’m extremely thankful that we have coffee to drink at the office on a daily basis.  Apparently I’m not the only one since I have to drive to Costco once a month to pick up multiple bags of coffee.  I’m glad to see that all employees at need a pick me up in the a.m. and if a few bags of coffee can jump start the day and allow the team to take care of our customers than it shall be done.  Thank you coffee.
  2. Internet – Without Internet our business wouldn’t be – seriously!  What on Earth would you consume your work day with if we didn’t have the beast known as the Internet?  Not only can you perform your daily tasks at a much higher level with the Internet.  You can also “Google” any office trivia that comes up and shout out the answer allowing the rest of the team to hear how brilliant you actually are in regards to the life cycle of a butterfly.  Thank you Internet. 
  3. Ping PongHonestly, how can you work for a company that doesn’t have a room dedicated to ping pong?!  Oh yeah we have a “ping pong room” at and it is awesome.  For the most part this is where my fellow team members choose to cry at the office.  Without this outlet my team members would be forced to open up their hearts on the phones with our clients and let’s be honest our clients are far too busy to be listening to our sob stories.  Thank you ping pong!
  4. Water CoolerIce cold water at any moment with NO ice = AWESOMENESS!  Nothing is worse than being parched and having to suffer through drinking a glass of lukewarm tap water.  We all know that certain things in life are better cold (i.e. ice cream).  Not only am I fulfilling a necessity by grabbing a glass of H2O – I am also exercising as the water cooler is at least 30 yards from my office.  Nothing like encouraging good health habits at the office.  Thank you water cooler.
  5. DA TEAM and DA CLIENTSI could not be more thankful than I am for our team and our clients.  DA CLIENTS have been by our side since day one helping us grow not only their business, but ours as well.  We have LOTS of great relationships within the self storage industry that I hold very close to my heart.  This same sentiment goes for DA TEAM as well.  We have a unique group of team members here at  All of us working our tails off to ensure that we are providing excellent customer service and innovative products to our clients.  We do all this by creating the best work environment possible … in Omaha, NE J.  We have lots of hard workers on our team and each and everyone one of them deserves to be thanked for their hard work and dedication.  So without shedding too many tears (since we aren’t in the Ping Pong room) I’d like to say “Thank you DA TEAM and DA CLIENTS”.

Happy Thanksgiving