By Graci Woodworth,

Military members are often faced with frequent and unpredictable requests for a relocation, leaving them with no place to keep their belongings in the meantime. Not to mention, the changes in cost of living that follow each move can be equally as overwhelming. Before assuming you have to part with your cherished items, check out a few of the reasons below for why self storage comes in handy for those in the service.

Belongings Can Be Safely Stored Instead of Sold

When moving from one end of the country to the other begins to feel routine, it can be hard for those in the service to justify hanging on to all of their belongings (no matter how treasured they once were). In such cases, a storage unit can help alleviate a lot of the problems for military personnel, as you can find a storage facility just about anywhere in the country. By utilizing a storage unit for temporary space needs during a placement, you’ll never have to worry about selling your favorite keepsakes.

The Solution to Automobile Storage on Leave

Determining where to keep a car, motorcycle, or another vehicle can be a very stressful task to take on, especially for military members who can never be too sure of when their next move will be. Many self storage facilities have designated parking spots for storing cars, RVs, and boats, which means you can keep your automobile protected and stowed away while on leave. Many facilities offer flexible month-to-month payment options, so you’re not tied down to rent once it’s time to pack up and relocate again, either.

Discounts for Military Members

Within the directory, you’ll find that a lot of facilities offer discounts and special promotions to help express their gratitude toward service members looking to rent a storage unit (such as a free month’s rent or a specified percentage off of the standard monthly rate). At most facilities, you can receive your military discount by presenting a form of military identification.

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