Small Business StorageMini storage for small business
Mini storage for small business

When bad things happen, it seems like everybody suddenly has an idea on how said bad thing could’ve been prevented. For example, a pipe burst due to freezing temperatures not to long ago at a business my sister works at and nearly all of their archived records were destroyed. If the pipe had burst a day earlier and the damage even worse then all of their clients’ items for upcoming gorilla marketing events would’ve been ruined as well. One 20/20 vision came to be, several people agreed that putting all of these highly valuable things into a self storage unit would’ve been smart. Their old building wasn’t reliable enough to house such documents. In reality, most businesses can benefit from mini storage; business mini storage solutions come in a variety of forms helping to cater to each unique situation and budget.


One such business storage option is a climate-controlled storage unit. Climate controlled units are perfect for keeping papers, office furniture, extra inventory, or pieces of technology safe. Extremes in temperatures and humidity can cause irreparable damage to sensitive items quickly. Self storage units come in a vast range of sizes to pick from to help avoiding overpaying for unneeded space.


Mobile storage containers are perfect as well. Many businesses see the benefits of having onsite storage because their items are so easily accessible. Instead of having to rent out a large warehouse or an expensive, large office, people are opting to put a mobile storage container near the property for convenience and a better price per square foot. If you are renting an office space, check with your landlord about what rules there are for renting out this type of storage.


Some mini storage facilities cater to small businesses with special amenities. In addition to a great storage space, some facilities have conference space, wifi, delivery acceptance, and 24-hour access. Imagine the positive possibilities that a facility like that might have for your business. You can order items online and have them sent straight to your facility. Hauling items around or worrying about things being left outside will be worries of the past.