Mini Storage Uses for Small Businesses

Use to help you find a mini storage unit that will give you all the working space you want so you won't feel cramped. (

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

The big chain stores might take the majority of mainstream America’s attention with their abilities to purchase TV commercials and open up giant locations in cities all over the country, but small businesses and at-home businesses are still very much around and operating. Many businesses pop up all the time right here in Omaha. No matter where in the country you or somebody you know runs a business, the benefits of them using a cheap mini storage unit are relatively the same.

Use to help you find a mini storage unit that will give you all the working space you want so you won't feel cramped. (
Use to help you find a mini storage unit that will give you all the working space you want so you won’t feel cramped. (

Cheap Space

Renting out a convenient and locally located mini storage unit gives you the ability to have the extra space you need (for as long as you need it) without having to rent a larger space or do any construction to add on to your current structure. There might be occasions where you only need more room for a relatively short amount of time and building on or moving would not be cost effective. Your location might be key to your business and moving wouldn’t be an option but turning to a nearby mini storage unit is.

Get Organized

Many people work from their home for their business in one way or another. Keeping inventory and records at home not only takes up a lot of space, but it makes it difficult to keep your work life and your personal life separate. Having another space to organize all of your things should help you both professionally and personally. You can  search until you find a place that has climate control or 24-hour access that way you know your things are well looked after.

No Office Needed

So often now people are opting to keep their business equipment and supplies in a self storage unit instead of renting an office space or building at all. I’ve seen a company who has all of their job supplies in a storage unit that they go to at the beginning and end of everyday in order to pick up what they need to go around town and do work then they drop it off back at the mini storage unit that night. So instead of having to rent a warehouse or keep this at a person’s house, they can just access their convenient storage unit in the center of town everyday.

Business Friendly Storage

Some facilities throughout the country are looking to be even more business friendly. You might be able to find facilities that offer special amenities for business. Some of them include fax services, WiFi access, extended hours, conference room use, and more! Use to find a business storage solution that has the options you need.

Finding ways to save money and become more organized seem to be on business owner’s daily to-do lists. Renting out a mini storage unit can do both if your current organizational and storage options are not working for you. Having your stuff in storage instead of cluttered in your office, or worse yet home office, does not have to be a fact of life. Organize your things in a local and convenient mini storage unit.