Mobile storage is growing in popularity as a way for businesses to store records. (Novelo/

By Aaron

Portable storage containers provide uses for many situations that occur. Moving and remodeling are two common times when a mobile storage unit comes in handy. Taking this form of storage into the business world is growing in popularity. Mobile storage for businesses is growing because business owners are turning towards this convenient form of storage for keeping things like records and inventory safe and conveniently located.

Mobile storage is growing in popularity as a way for businesses to store records. (Novelo/

In a recent press release, Tyler Smith, spokesman said, “Self-storage facilities used to be the only option for businesses that weren’t willing or able to move to a new location in order to make room for all of their files and records.”

Mobile storage containers provide a secure space for items to be stored that can housed onsite or off. The flexibility of this product allows businesses options. If there is room at the business, the unit can be delivered and set up somewhere around the property of the business to provide an incredibly convenient location for keeping all of the extra items. If space is an issue outside, a container may be kept elsewhere like a storage company’s warehouse.

However, these mobile containers do not offer a lot of the great amenities that many traditional storage facilities are now offering. WiFi, a conference room, and snacks are just a few of the things facility owners are using to draw in the business crowd.

Many of both the traditional and mobile storage containers do offer certain amenities like climate control. Climate-control would be an important factor for any company looking to use a storage space of any type to keep extra inventory secure.

More and more storage companies are looking for ways to appeal to the business world. The vast business world is a sea of opportunities for the storage industry and it will be interesting to see how the industry evolves to offer more products to appeal to the business world.