Use Mobile Storage for Home Renovation

By Patrick Galvan,

Renovating a home or office building isn’t an easy process, and the last thing you need is people tripping over furniture and appliances, causing damage or personal injury and adding to expenses. If you want to save space and preserve your belongings until renovations are done, a mobile storage unit is the answer.

Here’s how mobile storage helps during a renovation.

Keeps Items Safe and Out of the Way

During a renovation, many people simply cram their furniture and extra belongings into another room, but this isn’t the best option. You still run the risk of tripping over items the next time you enter that other room. But there are other concerns beyond lack of space as well. If renovations last several weeks or months and your items sit idly in a room for that entire time, they could get covered with dust, dirt, and other debris from the renovation.

With mobile storage, this isn’t a problem. The unit and all of its contents are outside of your home or office, meaning your items are contained in a debris-free environment until you’re ready to move them back in again. By storing your items out of the way in a portable unit, you can focus your attention on construction, drywall, and painting.

Also, if necessary, you can rent more than one portable storage unit to accommodate everything you own. Remember: It’s better to have enough space to store everything safely than to shove everything into a tight space.

Convenient Storage Close to You

When you use mobile storage units, you don’t have to go through the trouble of transporting your belongings across town to a self storage facility. Once you rent a portable unit, the facility will deliver it to a location specified by you, such as a home driveway or office parking lot. From there, you can load your belongings at your convenience.

When you’re finished loading, you can either keep the mobile unit outside of your home or office, or you can call the storage provider to have them store it at their facility.

Having access to a portable storage unit during a renovation project comes with other advantages, too. For one, loading is easier. You don’t have to carry heavy items like furniture through hallways or up flights of stairs. Also, if you choose to have your unit stored with the storage provider, you only need to call them when you need to retrieve one of your items.

In short, mobile storage is more convenient since the only thing you have to do is load (and eventually unload) the unit.

The process of renovation will give you plenty of things to worry about. Use a portable storage unit to reduce your responsibilities so you can focus your attention on your home or office.