Modern Security

By Patrick Galvan,

Security is one of the most common concerns self storage tenants bring to their providers. And it’s totally understandable. Self storage is useful for creating extra space around the home or office, but it’s money wasted if your belongings are stolen or damaged while they are in storage. Most storage facilities feature security amenities to guarantee protection for your belongings, but as technology continues to develop, so will these security features.

Here’s a basic rundown of traditional storage security features as well as what you can expect to find at some newer storage facilities.

Traditional Storage Security Facilities

  • Video Surveillance: Regardless of whether the facility shuts its gates after working hours or if a resident manger remains on-site at all times, most facilities feature a network of security cameras to keep an eye on everything. Rest assured that any activity near your storage unit is carefully monitored.
  • Gated Entry: A fenced-in perimeter is an absolute must when it comes to security, and gated entry will deter unauthorized personnel from trying to get in. The most secure form of gate entry requires an access code to get through so that only staff members and tenants may enter. In addition, a gate with an access code means tenants can access their units 24/7, whereas gates without access codes only permit entry during the facility’s working hours.
  • On-Site Management: Of course, theft and vandalism are less likely to occur if watchful staff members are around. With some facilities, a resident manager lives on-site to address any issues and questions as they come.

Cutting Edge Storage Security Features

  • Coded Unit Entry: If coded entry to the facility is efficient, coded entry to individual storage units is foolproof. As long as each unit features its own access code, even if a trespasser manages to get inside the facility grounds, they will have no way of knowing how to access your individual unit.
  • Intercoms to the Office: Sometimes emergency situations or concerns occur while you’re at or near your storage unit. With an intercom system, you don’t have to walk all the way from your storage unit to the office. In most cases, intercoms aren’t inside each individual storage unit but rather, they are placed at various points around the facility.
  • Individually Alarmed Units: Since your storage unit is acting like a storage room for your home or office, it should also be alarmed. Individually alarmed units will notify the staff and scare off thieves if a unit is opened without authorization.

The traditional methods of storage security are effective, but if you feel like you need a little extra peace of mind (and don’t mind paying a little more), the advanced modern-day security methods will protect your investment even further.