By Kristin Leigh; Moving, Storage & Organization Contributor to

Where you live, your home, should make you feel comfortable, relaxed, peaceful, and happy when you walk into your space.  What it should not make you feel is stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated.  I’ve had the negative feelings before, a lot, and it always stems from one thing– the inevitable clutter.  Clutter in my house is a constant.  Whether we just went shopping and have extra things that aren’t put away yet,  the kids pajamas that were changed out of and left in the family room,  or shoes all over the floor in the mudroom and not put away…there always seems to be a new source of clutter.  It is a necessity in our home to do regular pick up times throughout the day just to try and keep the clutter to a minimum, but when there isn’t a place for all the things that happen to be laying around, it does get frustrating.  So what to do with all of this stuff?

I used a storage ottoman to keep some of our extra stuff hidden in the family room.

If there’s one thing I never give away, throw out or sell it is storage bins and baskets.  They can always be used for something. People usually have extra storage bins, baskets or boxes strewn around that can be used to house belongings.  Before I go buy any storage containers, I first scope the house for an alternative solution.  This storage tip can save you time and more importantly money.   Sometimes it is necessary to get creative with storage solutions in the home.  For example, I needed a place to store all my kids’ bath toys and searched the house until I came upon a small storage bin that was the perfect size for them.   Small bins can also be the perfect solution for keeping batteries, pens, keys, etc. in a junk drawer.

Small bins like these are perfect for organizing junk drawers and cabinets.

Of course it is unrealistic that one can usually go purchase storage supplies whenever they need something, using what you have a home can be a temporary fix so at least all your things can have a place– even if it isn’t pretty.  If you have a garage that holds a lot of sports equipment, one solution is to grab a couple of old duffle bags to stash golf shoes, baseball equipment, soccer equipment, or whatever it may be that you have that needs a place to call “home”.

I think it’s safe to say that since we haven’t quite been in our house a year yet, I can consider us “moving in” still.  While some people would be unpacked in a couple weeks, we have kids, jobs, and busy lives that pushes the “unpack the rest of the boxes and organize” priority to the bottom of the list.  We will get there some day, but for now here’s a recap on how to find storage for all your belongings without having to go out a buy storage

Search your home for any unused storage bins before purchasing new ones (even if your bins aren’t pretty).


  1. Search your home for any empty plastic bins or baskets that you can use for storing stuff
  2. Go through items regularly and when in desperate need of storage space. Combine boxes or bins so you have one instead of two and so on.
  3. Get creative with your organizing.  It doesn’t have to be pretty, but if everything has a place, it’s easier to find what you are looking for in the future.