By Molly Hammond,

With the first official day of spring behind us, people across the country are ready for warmer weather to finally arrive! Whether spring has already sprung in your area, or you’re looking to get a jump on spring cleaning before you’re fully thawed, one of the most difficult things about adjusting to warmer weather is finding a place for your winter wear.

If you live in an area that sees low temperatures and severe weather, there’s much more to a winter wardrobe than a couple of scarfs and jackets—boots and gloves join long johns and turtlenecks on the floor of closets everywhere once warmer weather hits, and it can be quite the nuisance!

Renting a mini storage unit is an affordable way to keep cold weather clothes out of the way while you make the switch to shorts. In fact, finding the perfect storage unit for winter clothes is simple, as long as you keep a few things in mind!

Store Clothes Clean

Though you probably don’t run your winter coat through the washing machine, a lot of winter gear can be stained from snow and sweat. It’s important to launder these clothes before putting them into a storage unit—not only can smells intensify (and become difficult to remove) after months in storage, but stains you didn’t even notice can expand, yellow, and ruin clothing by the time you pull them out next winter. Plus, if your winter wardrobe is freshly cleaned when you store it, it’ll be ready to wear as soon as the temperature drops for the first time next season.

Nix the Cardboard

When most people think of storage units, they think of towering stacks of cardboard boxes. However, cardboard boxes aren’t ideal, especially for storing clothing. Cardboard is susceptible to mold and mildew, which can leave clothes with a musty smell or difficult stains. Cardboard can also be a draw for pests, and since it’s easy for tiny teeth to chew through, critters can get access to your favorite clothes.

That’s why plastic bins are recommended. Not only are they impervious to pests, but they keep clothes clean and dry. Plastic bins stack better than boxes, too, and there’s the added benefit of being able to see what’s inside! Of course, if you’re already set on using the cardboard boxes you have, you can. It’s just recommended that you keep them off the floor (away from both animals and the elements) by using pallets or portable shelving.

Spring for Climate Control

If you live in a region with wet, rainy springs or hot, humid summers, climate-controlled storage can be an important consideration for your winter clothing. Climate control keeps a storage unit within a comfortable and consistent range of humidity and temperature, which keeps precipitation that can cause mold and mildew from infiltrating bins or boxes. Climate-controlled storage is an extra amenity, but since you’re likely renting one of the smaller units available, the slightly higher rental price is worth keeping your clothes in great shape.

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to box up bulky winter clothing that you (hopefully) won’t need for the next few months, and a self storage unit is the ideal place to keep that wardrobe in great shape. Storing clothes that are clean, in the correct containers, and in a climate-controlled environment ensures that your wardrobe will be ready and waiting for you when next winter rolls around!