Moving day is hectic. Keep 3 key things with you at all times to keep the day going a on a good path.

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By Bill Hipsher,

Moving day is a confusing, hectic day no matter what. Never let anybody ever try to tell you otherwise because they are setting you up for failure. Yes, some moving days go much smoother than others, but at guaranteed, you will run into a problem at some point in time during your big moving day. Even if you hire the BEST moving company in the entire world, the day will be hectic. It is the nature of the beast. With that in mind, you need to safeguard three things to keep your hectic day from being an epic disaster. You need to key your keys, your phone, and your medications on you or kept in a static, unbelievably safe place at all times during the moving day.

You might laugh at my intensity for this subject, but it is true. Your NEED to keep a watchful eye on these things.

You need to keep your keys on your body at all times if you are the main person in charge for the moving day. There is no excuse for setting your keys down. Put them in your pocket, attach them to your belt loop, get a lanyard and put them around your neck…whatever it takes. In a matter of seconds your keys can fall off of a table and drop into a box and nobody is the wiser. I’ve seen this happen. It isn’t pretty when the whole group who is helping you move pulls up to your new place and the keys for your brand new home are missing. Calling a locksmith puts a dark cloud over the excitement of a new place.

I recommend you have two sets of home keys for both the new place the old place. Keep a set of the new keys and old keys in your pocket and put the other sets of keys in the glove box of your car. That way if you do happen to break the golden rule of keeping your keys on you, you have a backup set waiting for you.

I also recommend you have two sets of car keys. You keep one set and a buddy keeps the other. You need to be mobile on the moving day and losing your keys is a great way to stifle productivity.

In this day and age, people expect you to be accessible at any time of the day or night. This is especially true when it is the big move day and people have questions. The movers, your friends who are helping you, delivery companies, utility hook up workers…there are many, many people who will be trying to get in touch with you. That list doesn’t even include your caring and kind friends and family members who want to check in on your and see how things are going. You need to be able to field all of these calls in a timely fashion. KEEP YOUR PHONE ON YOU. Did I mention that yet? I’ve had movers call me several times to say they were late, lost, whatever and it was important that they get in touch with me, so I always make sure my phone is charged, on, and in my pocket.

Also, aside from the calls you will receive, think of the calls you’ll need to make during the day. You might need to call and check up on people or call to see if people need anything from the hardware store. You might need to call and order pizza. You might need to call a locksmith even. You might–hopefully not–need to call an exterminator if there is a critter hiding in the attic of your new place. Or, we really hope this is never the case, might need to call for emergency help. If you are the person in charge of the moving day, you need to be ready for anything that might pop up.

I think it is incredibly important to keep you medication either on your body or in the glove compartment of your car. I NEVER EVER box up medication of any kind. Prescription medications are the ones I worry about the most and especially items like inhalers, EpiPens, nitroglycerin, insulin…items that need to be administered regularly or especially in an emergency situation. Putting these even in well labeled boxes still presents a problem if the box is hidden in a giant pile of other boxes. I, again, have dual sets of medications just in case. I keep one with me and one set in the car. You can never been to careful when it comes to your health.

I also keep every day, over the counter medications handy. Headaches, allergies, and stomach issues always seem to want to pop up at inconvenient times. It is nice to be able to put your hands on any medications that will help quickly.

I cannot stress enough how important I think it is for you to keep a close eye on your keys, phone, and especially medications. Accidents can happen at any time and usually do on important days where there are many people running around–like a moving day. Be aware that problems will come up, but by keeping up with certain vital items, those little hiccups can be much easier to manage.

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