For a happy move, do important tasks yourself.

By Laura

Getting everything safely from point A to point B tends to be the number one goal when moving. You get to that point during the moving process where you are so exasperated that you just throw your hands up in the air and pull a Tim Gunn and just say, “make it work.” Even the best of moving experiences has one of those low-point moments (if you haven’t had one, please share your secret). One thing I recommend, believe it or not, is to do a few things on your own to put your mind at ease.

For a happy move, do important tasks yourself.

First, I say pack and wrap items yourself that you don’t want to ever worry about having broken. Don’t leave packing your great-grandmother’s vase that you treasure above all else to a person who doesn’t care about that piece of porcelain above any other piece. That person will, and rightly so, take as much care with that vase as they do with the one from the dollar store because they don’t know the sentimental side to the item. Remember, even if you pack it yourself there are no guarantees in life. I actually do have my husband’s grandmother’s vase that I pack carefully like this and I make sure to label the box above and beyond what is needed to indicate it is fragile.

Moving companies do all they can to ensure all of your items get safely from your first destination to your next, but I can tell you from experience that moving certain items yourself will help put your mind at ease. For example, my jewelry does not get packed away–ever. It is within my safe reach at all times–just something I’ve come to do over the years. My mom has always said, “if you ever want to see it again, don’t lose sight of it to begin with.” She is referring to putting valuables in a packed suitcase when travelling, but I carry the same sentiment over to the moving process.

Lastly, I keep records of all of my utilities set up and shut off information calls. I record who I speak with, at what time, and what we finally discussed. This gets kept with the email confirmations that come later. Doing this helps me to make sure I’ve covered all my bases and gives me a little reassurance that IF things don’t go as planned, I have proof that I did everything i needed to on my end. This has sadly come in handy a couple of times. When my utilities are turned on when I had them arranged to, I find that I get better service when I call and say in my firmest voice that I spoke to so-and-so at such-and-such a-time and I thought this was taken care of and am disappointed,I tend to get better service than if I call and say things weren’t set up when I had thought they would. It might just be the confidence in my voice that yields prompt service, but in case somebody ever tries to call my bluff, I’ll be ready.

At the very end of the day, the only person you can trust is yourself (yes, I meant to put the “very” there because you do have a certain expectations that should be met when you hire somebody). So pack up items that you want protected in a certain way. Keep all things that mean the world to you with you whenever possible to that treasured item isn’t left to a stranger. Lastly, keep records and confirmation of as much as possible. You’ll want to take responsibility for the biggest parts of your move so you know you can get things done right.