An important piece of moving advice is to make sure you stay organized throughout the process. (Aaron-Amat/

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

When you’re moving there are a million and one things happening all at once. Your stuff is all over the place, people are in and out of your home, your phone is ringing non-stop…it can be challenging to stay organized. A solid piece of moving advice is to find a method that works for you to keep certain things organized. Personally, I’m a fan of using a simple folder to keep all of my most important information together. Moving advice comes in many forms about many aspects of the process, but if you don’t have the logistics organized, all of your packing efforts might’ve been for nothing.

An important piece of moving advice is to make sure you stay organized throughout the process. (Aaron-Amat/
An important piece of moving advice is to make sure you stay organized throughout the process. (Aaron-Amat/

Contact Information to Gather

You need to know a lot for moving and this is one point in your life where ignorance certainly isn’t bliss. Ignorance gets your stuff lost or broken and your cable never gets set up and you’re still paying the power bill for your old home instead of your new one. You should have all of the contact information possible for your moving company, friends/family helping you move, repair people you have arranged, self storage facility, any utility setups, neighborhood HOA, and emergency organizations (just in case). It is important to be able to get in contact with any of these people at the drop of a hat.

Contracts to Copy

I like to keep two sets of contracts: the originals and the copy. I put the original copy someplace safe then I keep a copy of everything with me during the move. This what I have a wealth of information about the services I should receive right at my fingertips. I’ve got the contracts or AT LEAST the confirmation numbers & contact information for everything is a formal contract wasn’t given.

Back-Up Keys

A bit of logistical moving advice that can’t be emphasized enough is the need for spare keys. You need spare keys for EVERYTHING. Seriously, your old place (until you’re DONE and turn them all in), your new place, your car, the moving truck…anything that can be locked needs to have more than one key. Anybody helping you move will not be pleased if you turn to them and tell them you lost the keys and now have to wait for a locksmith. Having multiple keys in multiple locations is moving advice that will save many, many headaches (yes, I might be speaking from personal experience on this one).

Sharing Information

Everybody doesn’t need to know all of your business, but you should keep those helping you move informed. Making sure that all parties involved in moving your stuff from Point A to Point B have several forms of contact information is important. Writing down your new address so it is written in a hard copy form that you’ve proofed is a good choice. Letting people know you’re expecting deliveries or setups at certain times can be helpful as well.

Sharing moving advice about being logistically organized could go on for days, so I’ll stop with at just the highlights. Having good communication, knowing what is going on, and being prepared for problems are three major points for setting yourself for a good experience. Moving isn’t easy, but following moving advice from those who have done it many times can help.