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By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

Sure, you’ve heard the old advice of “measure twice, cut once,” and it is valuable advice for sure. If you’ve ever done anything from building a birdhouse to building a regular house to even trying to wrap a present, you know that it is best to be careful before you start cutting away. The same principle can be added to the notion of packing and moving. A great piece of moving advice would have to be “measure twice, pack once.” This is both a literal and a figurative warning. With any moving advice, find ways to adapt it to your current situation.

When you're ready to move your things into a storage unit you got from, be sure to measure twice so you can rent the right size! (iQoncept/
When you’re ready to move your things into a storage unit you got from, be sure to measure twice so you can rent the right size! (iQoncept/

Literal Translation

When you’re planning to move your things, load them into a storage unit, or start transporting goods to your new place, you want to make sure that everything is going to fit. Be sure that your biggest boxes and pieces of furniture will fit through the doors of your home and the doors of the vehicles you plan on using transportation. Double check to see that your biggest items are going to fit into the storage unit you’ve rented. Also make sure you haven’t added a lot of things to your list of items to be put into your storage unit. You don’t want to over fill it on your first day! Keep in mind, some pieces of furniture can be deceivingly large or more difficult to disassemble than you might’ve thought. Use the measure twice moving advice so you can plan for these problems that might occur.

Figurative Translation

The figurative translation to this moving advice can be taken many ones. One bit of valuable moving advice you can glean from this would be to estimate and guess carefully how much time you’ll need to actually move all of your belongings. You don’t want the sun to be dropping and you’re still loading items at your first place. Time is something that can be measured. Also, measure and calculate how many people you’ll need to help you. Furniture has a way of magically getting heavier the more you try to move it. Safety first is also our number one bit of moving advice.

Figure out where in your moving and storage experience you can apply the rule of “measure twice, pack once.” Maybe you’ll need to use the literal and the figurative bits of moving advice soon! Personally, I apply this notion just about once a day. I don’t like having to do something more than once, so a little bit of planning goes a long way with me.