Moving and Storing a Piano

By Mike

For many pianists, their piano is like their baby. In fact, the piano probably gets tuned more often than they see the doctor. And that’s because a piano is an expensive (but worthwhile) investment.

Having a piano in your home is great. But what happens when you need to move and/or store it? It might seem impossible because it’s heavy and requires special care. Fortunately, we’ve got some tips for moving and storing a piano that can help you figure out what to do to protect your musical “baby.”

Hire Movers to Move Your Piano

Pianos are ridiculously heavy. Upright pianos weigh around 300lbs. Baby grands weigh between 500-800lbs. And if you’re lucky enough to have a grand piano, we’re talking a whopping 1,200lbs. This isn’t a “Let’s rent a U-Haul and a dolly and call it good!” kind of job. You’re going to need experienced piano movers to help you (Yes, there are movers who specialize in moving pianos).

Moving a piano can cost anywhere from $125 to $2,000, depending on where you live, how accessible the piano is in your home, and how far you’re moving it. If you live on the 13th floor of your apartment building, and you don’t have a service elevator, chances are you’re going to be paying a lot more than someone who lives in a one-story home. For local moves, it’s much cheaper. For long-distance moves, you’re looking at a climate-controlled truck, which costs a little more.

While you might have hoped to get away from paying to move your piano, it’s worth it. These movers have all of the proper equipment to do the job quickly and safely so you don’t have to.

Find a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

If you’re storing your piano, you want it to be well-preserved. Piano strings don’t respond well to heat, cold, or humidity. While a slight temperature change will screw up the piano’s tuning, too much exposure can actually cause the strings to warp or snap, which means you’ll be paying more to have it repaired. This is why a climate-controlled storage unit is perfect for piano storage. It’ll keep your piano at a constant, medium temperature so it never is exposed to damaging weather conditions.

Take care of your piano when moving and storing it, and you’ll continue to make sweet music.