Options for Moving Boxes

By Nick Bilava, USstoragesearch.com

The traditional ideas of how to move are being thrown out the window. There are now more options for moving your things that can save time, including the type of moving boxes you use.

Find, Don’t Buy

Never buy cardboard boxes when preparing for a move. You can find boxes nearly anywhere if you know where to look and who to ask. Go to a home store and ask for any cardboard boxes that are still in good shape.

It’s common to have a massive stack of cardboard boxes after you’re done moving, so have a plan in place to recycle them all responsibly. In the same vein, don’t buy bubble wrap to protect your items; use newspaper instead. It’s much easier on the environment and can be easily recycled.

Rent Plastic Moving Crates

There are a variety of companies and services across the country that can drop off and pick up plastic moving crates at your home. Renting moving crates is a great way to reduce waste and free up valuable space. Instead of lugging cardboard boxes around, the crates can be stacked upon each other and be wheeled out on a dolly.

Portable Storage

Instead of renting a huge moving truck or making many trips between your old and new homes, consider renting a portable storage unit. The unit can be delivered directly to your doorstep, and you can load all of your belongings into it. The portable storage unit can be picked up and brought to your new home, too. You can easily find mobile storage online, and it’s a good option for many homeowners, especially those moving long distances.

Employing just one of these options could end up saving you from the hassle of moving and help out the environment tremendously.