By Laura

On moving day, you want everything to go as smooth as possible. It won’t go perfectly no matter what. That’s just a fact of life. Moving day can go well, but the odds of it being “perfect” are slim to none. To help you out, we’ve put together this printable moving checklist. Download the movingchecklist.

There are four categories.

First is “TCB Items.” TCB items are your basic taking care of business needs. For the day of, you need extra sets of keys, a whole list of phone numbers, you contracts for your new residence and any utilities you have being set up. You’ll need the information surrounding your moving company and much more.

Second you’ll find the list for “Personal Items.” This is basically like packing an overnight bag. You’ll want to make sure EVERYTHING you NEED for going to sleep and getting ready the next day is packed into a suitcase or duffle bag. Have a bag for each member of your family. Having your basic needs taken care of will make the rest of the moving process much easier.

The third section is cleaning supplies. You’ll have to clean out your old place as well as your new place on the moving day. You should have supplies ready to clean all of the rooms as well as have supplies ready to handle any breaks or spills that happen that day. Sadly, a broom, dust pan, and black trash bags have come in handy during so many of my moves because something ALWAYS gets broken.

Lastly, you have the miscellaneous section. This section is a catch-all for the random things that didn’t completely fit into any other category nicely. This section is full of items to tackle random problems that creep up. Duct tape and WD-40 get used a lot during moves. Having those two things and a simple tool kit should help you to tackle any little items that need to be fixed as you are moving in or out of a place.

Each family and each moving situation is different. Let this guide be a basic starting point for you. I love checklists and use them for everything. This moving checklist is just one of many that I have used over the years.