Moving College Students to Campus 102

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

In just a couple of weeks college campuses across the country are going to be filling up with students. The highlight of that fact for many is that college football is finally coming back (just kidding…but, seriously. It’s awesome that it is almost football season again.)! While the students might be thinking more about how they want to decorate their dorms, what clothes to bring, and if they want to venture down the road of Greek life, many parents (and maybe a few students) are thinking about the process of moving in and what they need to do for that. Today’s blog features advice for moving college students into the dorms.

As you're moving college students in this fall, keep in mind how nice a storage unit you found on might be to keep their stuff in for the summer. (XiXinXing/

As you’re moving college students in this fall, keep in mind how nice a storage unit you found on might be to keep their stuff in for the summer. (XiXinXing/

First of all, research and find out what you can about the dorms. Look online for pictures, check the school’s website for suggestions, and you can even browse message boards to figure out what people are saying about the living situation your student is about to embark on shortly. Moving college students into a dorm can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into at all. The room is probably going to be smaller, there will probably be rules about how to hang items, and you don’t know what sort of built in storage space exists. Thankfully with the help of the internet, moving college students eliminates some of the guess work.

After you glean a little information, it’s time to apply what you’ve learned. If you notice that the dorms don’t have much storage space, moving college students in by using plastic storage bins instead of boxes allows them to use the bins and saves you space in your vehicle. For example, I had several of the plastic drawer systems under my bed in college and I would fill those up with clothes and stuff to get them to school and then would unpack and later fill the bins with food and stuff. But using bins for transporting items that can later be storage solutions is something to think about.

Next, unless you’re moving college students into a really rural college, remember than you can always buy stuff after you get moved in a little. You don’t have to buy everything before you begin the moving process. Actually, some colleges have rules about dropping off freshman and coming back, so you might want to check that rule first, but most colleges don’t care. Once you are in the room, it is easier to see what you need!

Lastly, remember how many times you had to pack and unpack the car today trying to make everything fit. Remember how your home was filled with dorm room and college stuff all summer. Think about how much stuff you had to buy once you got to the room. Don’t forget how much trouble this process was (because it nearly always is). Now make note that there are many storage facilities near by and some cater to moving college students and try to make keeping college gear in a storage unit for the summer an offer they cant’ refuse! Put all of that stuff in a storage unit. Having your student back home for the summer will likely be change enough–you don’t need to give up your dining room or something in order to house all of their stuff!

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