Moving When It's Raining

By Mike Jones,

It’s a beautiful time of year. Spring is approaching, and winter is finally on its way out! If you’re moving during the springtime, you must remember that the weather can change in an instant. Here are some simple tips to help you prepare for moving in the constantly changing weather of spring.

Keep Up With the Weather

Right when you wake up on moving day, check the weather. Being prepared for a move during the rain is tough, but if you at least know when to expect rain, you’ll be ahead of the game.

As much as you can, plan accordingly around inclement weather. If the rain becomes too much to move through, you can always talk to your real estate agent and movers. Hired movers usually have a policy about inclement weather, and a real estate agent can help arrange a different moving day. The good thing about rain is that it tends to stop every once and a while, which means you’ll be able to keep moving.

Cover Your Carpets

Protect the floors in both your old and new homes from rain and mud by laying down cardboard, carpet, or tarps on the heavily trafficked walkways. Then, people won’t have to worry about tracking in water.

Protect Your Items

Rain can damage certain items. That’s why it’s a good idea to put plastic bags or tarps around furniture and electronics during your move. Consider using plastic tubs to move clothing and smaller items (like books and photos) instead of cardboard boxes as well, as plastic tubs are sturdier and can protect your belongings better from the rain.

What other tips do you have for moving in the rain?