By Laura

Once, maybe twice, okay maybe a thousand times people have been known to call me timid. When playing softball, I was never one to dive for the ball or take risks running the bases. Never, not once, did I even touch the ball during a basketball game in gym back in the day. I’ve got my moments where I can be bold, but in general, timid is one of my personality traits. Moving has definitely helped that. There’s nothing like a man holding a 200 pound table wondering where you want it to go to help push you to make quick decisions. When moving, you have to know what you want throughout the entire process.

When people are helping you move, be ready to give them definitive answers to their questions so they can better help you.

When making moving plans, you have to make choices about your cable, internet, moving company, etc. There’s no way getting around it–trust me I’ve tried. You have to make these choices before you move.  There is so much to think about that it can become overwhelming at times, but my best advice is to just start making choices and start planning plenty ahead of time. You need to research, make a plan, and stick to the plan. You’ll want to research rates and availability of utilities and moving companies in the area. At least for me, the more research I do, the easier it is to make these choices.

Also, the more people you have helping you, the more you need to be able to make quick choices. People who come to help you pack want to have a clear plan to follow. If you’re lucky, you’ll have people volunteer to help you pack, move, and then, if you’re super lucky, unpack as well. Just remember, all of these people want to help you, but they have patience breaking points to. This is where I got past my timidness and learned to make quick choices. If somebody volunteers to help you with something, make sure you have things for them to do and have a clear plan. There’s nothing worse than showing up to help and having nothing to do (been there, done that, it is awkward). Especially if somebody is helping you move, you’ll want to know where you want your big pieces of furniture to go. Don’t hum and haw and think about where you want your super-heavy sleeper sofa to go–have a plan where you want it to go. If it needs to be moved, you can figure out a way to do that later (not on the big moving day). If you’re a pain moving, you’ll have a hard time getting help in the future.

Lastly, I’ve had to over come being timid when unpacking and finding places for things. The first time I unpacked I had boxes sitting around for weeks because I didn’t want to mess up anything and I wanted to over think it. This last move, I had my whole 2-story house completely unpacked in less than 2 weeks. There were no boxes to be found when I unpacked this time. That’s because I’ve gotten bold and just put stuff somewhere. Being timid left me nothing but a sea of boxes to trip over. This time I knocked it out and was much happier for it.

So if you’re moving, be bold! Do your research so you can make quick, yet well educated, decisions. Whether you’re making choices while prepping for your move, making decisions the day of, or unpacking afterwards, don’t be brave and make choices! You’ll feel much better once you start getting stuff taken care of–and being a “worry wart” won’t help you get there.