Find a labeling system that works for your situation to make your move easier. (Goodluz/

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

I’ve moved many times and odds stand to reason that I’ll move many, many more times. It’s a good thing I’ve gotten fairly good at it. If it weren’t for being at the mercy of the weather, this whole process would be down to a near science that works well for our situation. One of the keys to a successful move would have to be proper labeling of boxes. There are a few ways you can go about labeling in order to help your move go more smoothly.

Find a labeling system that works for your situation to make your move easier. (Goodluz/

First of all, at a minimum, you need to label each box with which room it is associated with in big, bold letters. With this, try to be as specific as possible. Putting “bedroom” is better than nothing, but if your new place has more than one bedroom it could get confusing. Try to put “master bedroom” or “1st bedroom” or things of that nature. If you’re hiring movers, putting things like “Nate’s bedroom” on a box isn’t quite as helpful as “1st bedroom” since they don’t know who Nate is or associate him with a room but they can find the first bedroom they come to upstairs easily.

Next, use color coding some how. Personally, I’m a huge supporter of giving each room a color that way people can see purple and know that is master bedroom. So basically I use a giant purple marker to label my master bedroom boxes. It takes a minute to remember them, but the brain quickly adapts so you can just see color. Another color coding tip I loved was using different colors of packing tape to mean different things. I’ve seen it used to denote upstairs vs downstairs, storage vs moving van boxes, or even different tapes for different rooms.

Lastly, use a prioritizing system. Unpacking everything immediately is an unrealistic goal. Prioritize what needs to be unpacked. Some things do need to be unpacked immediately while others, well, probably could sit in boxes forever and nobody would notice. We have these 2 inch diameter bright yellow stickers that we put on boxes that need to be opened immediately. We use these sparingly to make sure they hold their importance value.

Labeling might feel like a hassle on the front end of the process, but it is worth it in the end. My labeling system is quite complex now (though super easy on the surface level to make it user-friendly). During the unpacking, unloading, and storage parts of the moving process, having well labeled boxes helps keep all of your things organized. A major goal of moving is to get your stuff safely from point A to point B and having a quality labeling system helps to do just that.