Having a room as empty as possible is a good option when trying to sell your home. (Photo from Shutterstock.com)

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager, USstoragesearch.com

Unfortunately, well depending on your perspective–fortunately, the housing market remains largely a buyers market for now. Meaning in order to sell your house, you’ve really got to beat out your competition. This could come in several ways, and the first step for all of them is clear out the clutter for your home.

Fix Easy Cosmetic Issues

Having a room as empty as possible is a good option when trying to sell your home. (Photo from Shutterstock.com)

First step, clear your stuff out of the way. Clearly, we suggest put your extraneous items in a storage unit until you are moved into your new space. Clearing out the clutter is the first step in this because you might not realize how many cosmetic issues your home actually has until some of your stuff is out of the way. Oh, you didn’t know that under the toy box in your son’s room was a giant stain? Now you do, now that it is time for inspectors to come in–if you waited to clear out your extra items and only live with the necessary ones, you could be that person trying to explain away carpet issues to an interested buyer. Also, behind items likes bookshelves, under laundry organizers, and in other not-often-seen areas you might find surprising problems.

“This house is not for me”

This house might not work for a prospective buyer if you have your personal items everywhere–especially if it your things appear to be piled into a crowded mess. Clear out your collections and your personal items. Yes, your room dedicated to your crafts is very nice, very organized, and took you a long time to perfect–but a young man looking to turn your starter home into his bachelor pad might have issues picturing himself in your home. Clear out your items.

Transparency Isn’t Just for Tape

Being transparent can translate into real estate as well. “Yes, we’ve moved out most of our things because we have nothing to hide. Here’s my big, beautiful, open living room waiting for you that does need a little work on the floors in the corner,” might be a better message to express to potential buyers than, “Oh, yes, our three living room sofas are huddled awkwardly towards this side of the room because the hardwoods might need work over there.” People looking to invest in homes are going to analyze (or should analyze) everything and question everything. Letting them have the big picture of your home is a good option. As usual, clear out your clutter.

If you want to sell your home without dropping the price, try clearing out your clutter. I’m not talking about staging–although it is a good idea. I’m just talking about removing as much as possible from your home. As soon as you can, start packing up boxes of items that you know you can do without for a few months. Having the open, clear spaces will help prospective buys picture themselves in your home.