Prioritize your unpacking schedule so you can better set up your daily routines. (CandyBox Images/

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

Routines–whether we want to claim to be “routine people” or not–usually help to make things easier in life. That’s why schools, transportation hubs, hospitals, and places of that nature all have routines built in that they follow everyday. When you’re moving, it is important that you set up your normal routines before tackling everything else. Setting up your routines should help you get everything else unpacked even faster.

Prioritize your unpacking schedule so you can better set up your daily routines. (CandyBox Images/

First of all, while I’m packing to move I pack with my routine in place. I leave all of my essentials that I need in one day out to put in a suitcase so I can keep as much normalcy in my life as possible during a move. If you don’t do that, that’s fine. You can still set up your daily life easily.

Think about what you do on a normal day. Do you like to sit and read by a window while drinking coffee to wake up? Do you shower before breakfast? Do you always have your coffee in the morning? Think about all of the details that make your mornings and the rest of your day work and set those up. Locate your coffee maker, put all of your shower gear in place, and put your favorite chair by a window even if everything else is in boxes. This will help you adjust to your new place and help you feel more ready to tackle other projects.

After the essentials, think about the other parts of your life that are routine that you’d want to set up next. If you spend more time in your home gym than your kitchen, set up your home gym first and just have out kitchen essentials. I’m a fan of going against societal norms if it makes your life better (as long as you aren’t breaking laws of course).

Lastly, think about your pets and their routines. (Yes, I would’ve said kids and their routines, but that should be a given. Humans can more easily forget about a pet than a kid–hopefully.) Set up your pet’s bed, find their toys, and put their food out so they can find it easily. Helping them call down and acclimate should help you too! Nobody likes a vengeful, scared dog tearing stuff up.

Get yourself settled with the important things first and let the rest wait. Don’t pressure yourself into setting stuff up that isn’t important to you because you feel like you need to. You don’t use that room; then don’t worry about unpacking it until you have other priorities tackled.