Packing up a home can be tricky. Be sure to take proactive when packing to make unpacking easier. (Monkey Business Images/

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

Whenever I’m moving, there seems to be certain problems that come up every single time. Some of the problems I could deal with before they happen–like knowing access hours to avoid getting to my storage facility before these hours start or keeping my phone in my pocket so I don’t lose it. Other problems, like having something break or rain are problems anybody is just going to have to roll with and tackle as they happen. Stocking up on certain moving supplies can help you tackle these tasks as they come though.

Stock up on moving sp
Stock up on moving specific moving supplies to help make moving easier. (Monkey Business Images/


Tarps of all kinds can come in handy at different types. I rarely say “no” to a good tarp if somebody is letting me borrow it. Cloth tarps, cheap clear tarps, those bright blue ones thick plastic ones…they can all come in handy at different times. Moving supplies like these are versatile. You can use them to cover furniture if it rains, to cover and protect the floors, to lay things out on to organize them, and so much more.

Light bulbs

Light bulbs are a tricky moving supply to stock up. While they are fragile and breaking one can be a real pain (and hazard) to deal with, they are needed more often than you’d think. Have various kinds in your moving supply kit so you’re ready for a blown out bulbs no matter where it is.

Tape and Scissors

Hopefully you have your packing tape and your big scissors for loading boxes, but tape of all kinds and scissors of all sizes are great moving supplies to have. Sometimes all you need is a little piece of office tape or you need a tiny pair of scissors to cut a delicate string. Tape and scissors are two things that tend to grow legs and walk away during a move never to be found again. Having lots and lots of these moving supplies can be a real bonus.

Extra Keys

So, keys aren’t exactly a moving supply exactly, but they are important. Have your spare keys for all cars, trucks, and vans in the moving party handy and have lots of spares for your current home and the place you’re moving out of ready. Being locked out of a place is terrible. So, even though a key isn’t really a moving supply, it is a vital part of the moving process.