Moving Tips to Make Unpacking Easier

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

Immediately after moving in to a new place I want it completely unpacked, set up, and settled. After a week, I don’t want to even know that a cardboard box ever stayed in that place. Granted, this is crazy and unrealistic for the vast majority of sane people who are moving, but that’s okay. I’ve learned a lot of moving tips throughout the years to help make my goals of settling a home quickly happen. A little bit of preparation during the packing stages helps to make the unpacking and settling in stages much easier and faster.

Use Wardrobe Boxes

Something I hate almost more than living in a sea of cardboard is spending money, but sometimes it is so worth it. “Use wardrobe boxes” has become one of my favorite moving tips. Wardrobe boxes allow you to keep so many things nicely hung AND you can load the bottoms of these boxes up with things like pillows, shoes, comforters, and more! I almost fainted when I purchased them because they are a bit more expensive in most cases, but after I moved in and realized that I had two bedrooms nearly done thanks to those things, I was pleased with my purchases. My curtains were hung in the boxes so they were ready to roll when I got to my new place, my closet was broken down into four sections, but it was ready to be re-hung, my bedding was right there, and so many other thing were kept in the room specific boxes. I might sound like a lunatic, but trust me. Wardrobe boxes make putting things away so much easier.

Moving tips can help make the scariest of moving projects a little easier. Us to find a storage unit help make moving even better. (Aaron Amat/

Moving tips can help make the scariest of moving projects a little easier. Use to find a storage unit help make moving even better. (Aaron Amat/

Label Priority Boxes

Certain things for our family have proven to be “must haves” when first moving in so we have stars on the boxes that should be unpacked first. For example, our kitchen boxes that have travel mugs, coffee machine stuff, the toaster, and all of the plastic utensils and plates have stars on them. Having these items ready to roll makes our lives easier so we can therefore tackling the unpacking projects. The same goes for office, bathroom, and bedroom boxes. Putting my hands directly on the box that has our shower curtain and shower supplies makes my day infinitely better–especially after being hot, sweaty, and grumpy from unpacking.

Pack Like Items Together

Moving tips like these not only help for finding things while they are in storage, but they also help you when you’re unpacking. If you’re unpacking kids’ toys, you don’t want to find a random bunch of office things. Keeping like items together helps you to stay on track and focused. Going from room to room to room while unpacking is a recipe for distractions and disasters.

My moving tips focus a lot on packing to help make unpacking easier. Seriously, for your next move, invest in 2-4 wardrobe boxes and see if that little bit doesn’t help you a lot. Also, label and prioritize your boxes. Easily and happily finding the things you need helps you to go through the process of finding homes for things that aren’t so important. Lastly, packing like items together is one of those moving tips that seems obvious, but so many people skip it! Do yourself a favor and focus on UNPACKING while PACKING.

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