moving truck with boxes
moving truck with boxes

Moving season is about to start kicking up into high gear in the very near future. Moving is said to be one of the most stressful things a person can go through. One way to alleviate some of that stress is to utilize the many benefits of the variety of options that self storage can provide. Everything from portable storage, to vehicle storage, to a storage locker can help ease the worry, stress, and drama of buying, selling, and moving.  


For starters, its no secret that clutter is a deterrent for potential homeowners. One thing that isn’t so obvious is what to do with all of your so called “clutter” when you’re trying to still live in a place that you’re trying to sell. One option is to rent out a convenient storage unit nearby and keep it functionally organized. Your little slugger still needs to access all of her softball gear, but her bat bag, catching equipment, and practice items can stay in one corner of the storage unit instead of in your garage. You can also set up rolling coat racks so you can keep all of your overflow clothing readily usable and out of your home. Potential buyers do not need to see that you have problems storing all of your things! Also, storage units are a great place to hide your more valuable bits of “clutter” like family heirlooms, jewelry, and other items that you don’t want sitting around for people to know that you have.


Next, a portable storage container can make moving so much easier. If you are moving a long distance or don’t need your things immediately, consider putting the bulk of your household goods into a convenient portable storage container. This storage space can sit in your driveway while you carefully load it, and access it at your convenience, and then it can be stored in a warehouse until you’re ready for it to be shipped to your next destination. This flexible option allows you to use load and unload your items at a pace that suits your lifestyle.


Also, instead of living in an ocean of boxes, have your non-essential things put into storage while you unpack and fix up your home. Give yourself space and time to put in organizational materials into your closets and garage by keeping out the items. A mini storage unit is the perfect place to put your holiday decor, seasonal items, extra clothing, mostly outgrown toys, and other non-vital items. Living life maneuvering around boxes gets old quick and the urge to unpack before you’ve painted or remodeled some areas is extremely tempting. Do yourself a favor and rent out a storage unit while moving or unpacking to give yourself some wiggle room and freedom to make good, long-term choices.


This only scratches the surface of opportunities for help from self storage when moving. I could go on for days talking about package acceptance, drive-up access, 24-hour access, and climate controlled units, but I’ll save that for another time. As you beginning moving or unpacking, consider how a cheap self storage unit can help you. As someone who has moved many times, the bonuses to using self storage far out ways the alternative. Explore the choices for mini storage near you and find out how much stress can be alleviated during this hectic time of your life.