Michael Kucera, Founder and President of USstoragesearch.com

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations, USstoragesearch.com

After two years of hard work, planning, and development, USstoragesearch.com launched a new product today that helps to help current and new clients meet their online needs. The new three-tiered product line offers dynamic real estate marketing tool for self storage owners, operators, and managers. These products are being introduced in three separate offerings that can accommodate the needs of many. The premium level offers a turnkey self-storage website solution ideal for facilities looking to launch a website or looking for a supplement to their current website.

Michael Kucera, Founder and President of USstoragesearch.com

These changes have been made with the idea of being as user-friendly as possible. The entry level product, the Bronze Storage Marketing Package, is a simple renaming of the previously existing traditional membership that all members have received and become accustomed to. At the next level, Silver Storage Marketing Package members is the premium network membership that has been in practice at USstoargesearch.com since 2011. There are no changes in service for either of the previously mentioned packages for current members; a name change is the only difference. The major changes come at the next package level.

The Gold Storage Marketing Package includes all of the services that come with the Bronze and Silver packages and adds an exciting and beneficial opportunity for clients. Gold level members receive a transactional, stand-alone website that allows storage operators to have an inexpensive online solution for their website needs. This opportunity is perfect for self-storage facilities who do not currently have their own website. It can also act as a supplement for facilities who are operating their own site currently. As a supplement, this option provides a transactional landing page in which to help potential customers find their facility.

This launch comes from the goals set by founder Michael Kucera. The new service incorporates all of the proven USstoragesearch.com services plus the new website feature in order to see Kucera’s four main goals come to fruition:

1)    Create a product that makes the real estate owner’s daily online marketing tasks simple and efficient.
2)    The product must be transactional in nature – tenants must be able to reserve a storage unit and each reservation should be secured by a credit card to ensure strong move-in rates.
3)    Ensure the price point for the product is such that it is attainable and affordable for every operator whether they own 1 storage facility or have 100 storage locations.
4)    Ensure that the reporting capabilities make it easy to track marketing investments and demonstrate the return on each.

 USstoragesearch.com has been actively growing and expanding its offerings since 2006 with the launch of the call center. Since then, the company has proceeded to grow and develop its products and services while making connections throughout the self storage industry.