By Nick Bilava, Director of Sales and Marketing

There seems to be a strong trend this year, at least on the social outlets I visit to write down things you are thankful for. I really have never sat down and put these items to paper so bear with me hear as I try and write interesting enough paragraphs about a few things I am thankful for at USSS that you will actually read this blog from start to finish!

  1. Location! For those of you who know me, I was a commuter all through college and for several years as an employee at USSS. I lived about 30 miles outside of Omaha and had a bit of a drive every day that not only racked up miles on my vehicle but the gas expenses were getting a bit out of hand when fuel hit $4 a gallon here in Omaha. I decided to move and purchased a home 5 minutes from the office. Yes, at most 6 minutes IF I hit all lights red. After several years of commuting and having a 40 minute drive home, I am very thankful for the location of our office!
  2. Senses of Humor– Everyone at USSS knows that we like to work hard but have a little fun as well. Practical jokes occur every day, sometimes hourly by everyone that works here. Switching screensavers to locking someone out of the office, we do it all. The neat thing is nobody gets offended and the humor helps us take a break from work and get a laugh out of each other. It really is important and brings us even closer as a team.
  3. Team atmosphere– I feel the backbone of any company is its customer service and attitude of the team representing the company; this is how the customers will portray you. Our team here at USSS works hard to ensure our client needs are taken care of immediately, new innovative ideas are carried out as quickly as possible and to continue growing a successful business that has served the self-storage industry since 2004. The employees at USSS are friends outside of the office, we have become a family and an atmosphere like that is not what you will find at every company.
  4. Relationships- I have been fortunate to attend several industry events over the years and put a face with the name of a customer who uses USSS and also other vendors. I have forged several friendships in the industry and look forward to every event I can attend to catch up and visit with friends I have. There is also a strong possibility if we have talked; our conversation included something about college football (Huskers) or hunting. I am thankful for the great people in self storage that I enjoy working with and talking to every chance I get.