By Laura Gee, Storage and Organization Contributor

Storage and organization clearly runs in the family. Well, sort of. My beautiful sister-in-law, Katie, is helping out her mom by completely giving my mother-in-law’s office an organizational makeover. Katie is hands down the most organized person I know and I will have to give her credit for most of my of organizational skills. She’s kindly offered to let me share her bits of genius for this blog. Her step-by-step methods will certainly help anybody looking to reorganize just about any room!

Step 1: Gut the room

According to Katie, you need to know what you have in order to see what you should keep

Step 1 in organizing a room is to empty it completely.

and what you should get rid of. Having absolutely everything out of a room lets you really see what space you are working with, what you have duplicates of, and what you can do to make a space more efficient.

As you can see in the picture, Katie took everything out of the office and put it in the hallway. From there, she was able to purge items, put like items together, and really get a good sense of what her mom had in the room. Katie was then ready to make a plan.

Step 2: Make a Plan

When making her plan for the room, she made sure she had a clear area for computer stuff, a separate area for crafting things, and had a designated place for all miscellaneous items. Actually, if there wasn’t a good place for something, it didn’t get to stay. After getting the room all laid out, it was time to set up the organizational system.

One example of her amazing plan is how she organized the greeting card stash. She first

These shelves help to keep items separated and organized.

organized them into piles by occasion. Then she filed the cards in alphabetical order by occasion into a divided box. This little extra organizing work has made the card collection easy to sort through and more usable.

Step 3: Implement the System

My husband and his sister have a love for label makers in common. Katie took the time to print out labels to put on bins to help make it easy for anybody to find items in the closet and to try to make sure the organizational system was easy to maintain. She even went ahead and labeled the shelves to really reinforce her plans. These labels are amazing.

Being a teacher, Katie knows the importance of keeping supplies separated and organized. She spends a lot of time making sure that the family’s computer desk is in order and that the closet where the extra supplies are kept is orderly. There are tons of people that come in and out of the house that are forever doing something that requires markers, pens, poster boards, or other items of the sorts so it’s important for this family to

Labeling bins helps making finding items easier and helps to keep an organizational system maintained over time.

keep things organized. There is no better person than Katie to make sure that any house guest can complete a project using that office without EVER having to ask where ANYTHING is kept.

Today you’ll just get the first 3 steps in Katie’s office overhaul. Check back with us on Monday and see how she finishes this project. I’m quite sure her final product is going to be functional and absolutely fabulous. Between her and her mother, that room will be usable and beautiful by the end of the weekend.