Thanks for checking back for the second step on our series on Online Content- What Consumers Want.  Last week we talked about the first step which was “The Online Movement”.

Web presence is a must with 1.8 million searches per month being done for “self storage” alone.  Building a website for your self storage facility is a great way to get your facility noticed.  When building a website you need to make sure your site is clean and easy to navigate through. If you click into a website and are confused, what do you generally do?  Most people just simply click out.  If you have to dig to find something you are looking for, what do people generally do?  Most people click out.  Look around at other sites, possibly competition in your area and see what they are doing.

Content is often times over looked.  Your content can significantly help your SEO.  For example, use certain keywords such as “We provide self storage units in Philadelphia, PA.”  Make sure that you explain what you offer and why you are the solution.  Provide a “tips” or questions answered area, many are 1st time storage users.  Showing that you are members of your state association will add credibility to your site.

There are a couple of things that are mandatory.  Prices are a must.  People are shoppers, they want to compare online.  When we did a study, we found that the #1 thing people wanted was to see prices.  Photos are also a must.  Some people don’t know what your facility looks like or what a 10×10 storage unit looks like or how big it is.

Make sure you check back next week for the second step in our series on Online Content-What Consumers Want-Online Reservations.