Thanks for checking back for the third step on our series on Online Content– What Consumers Want.  Last week we talked about the second step which was “Building a Website.” This week we are going to focus on “Online Reservations”.

There are many advantages of offering online reservations for your storage facility.  By offering reservations you will have fewer delinquencies if they set up auto pay, capture customers after hours, and reduced on site costs.  Nearly half of all of the online reservations occur after office hours.  Offering online reservations gives you an advantage over competitors who might not have these capabilities.

When setting up your reservation form, keep it simple.  People don’t want to fill out or read a ton of information.  Make sure you keep track of partial reservations and contact them.  You should be able to setup partial self storage reservations to come as a lead or quote.  Some people are afraid to reserve a storage unit online without talking to the facility first.  In this case, make sure you offer an alternative step such as a quote form.  By offering a quote form, it will capture their contact information.  An auto responder email can be a good option to add.  This let’s people know their quote has been received and that you are getting back with them.

Make sure you check back next week for the fourth step in our series on Online Content-What Consumers Want- Social Media.