Thanks for checking back for the fifth and final step on our series on Online Content– What Consumers Want.  Last week we talked about the fourth step which was “Social Media.” This week we are going to focus on “Blogging”.

People read blogs to get information about ideas, products, and services. Blogs are a very informative resource.  The more informative your blog is, the more people will come back to read your blog.  You can benefit from blogs from a linking perspective.  Hidden links can be established all throughout the blog.  Those links can link back to your website.

You can blog about anything.  For example, here at we love to blog about tips.  It may be tips for storing your vehicle, tips on picking the perfect storage unit, or tips on packing your items.  Our goal is to give the reader tips and ideas to help make storing your items easier.

Thanks for checking out our series on Online Content- What Consumers Want.