It is our goal to keep our website updated with the most current information from all of our members.  We frequently send reminders for members to update descriptions, amenities, pricing, pictures and more.  The results are in and some of our members have made this a regular part of their weekly routine.  Congratulations to the members included in the markets below, which includes the most active markets with members who regularly manage their listings.  A listing of states with the most active members will be published next.

  1. Las Vegas
  2. Houston
  3. Dallas
  4. Philadelphia
  5. San Antonio
  6. Phoenix
  7. Cincinnati
  8. Orlando
  9. Tucson
  10. Austin
  11. Los Angeles
  12. Indianapolis
  13. Riverside
  14. Columbus, OH
  15. Miami
  16. Mesa
  17. Chicago
  18. Baltimore
  19. Memphis
  20. Tampa
  21. Clinton Township
  22. Macon
  23. Sarasota
  24. Fort Worth
  25. Orange
  26. Naples
  27. Columbus
  28. Charlotte
  29. San Diego
  30. Henderson

Regular updates provides potential tenants with the most relevant information and keeps listings fresh, especially for returning members.  For our members with multiple facilities, especially in the same market, it is also important to provide unique content, specials and pictures for each of your facilities.  The same message across multiple facilities may cause potential tenants to glance over one property if they think it is the same as another they have already viewed.

For more tips on getting the most out of your online advertising please contact us or read our self storage blog.