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By Michael Smith, Guest Blogger

The web may be a global entity, but it is also a widely popular tool for consumers to seek out businesses in their local area. Self storage businesses operate locally by nature, so for you, the web can present a great opportunity to connect with potential customers, just as long as you optimize your online efforts.

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Here are 3 tips on how your self storage business can optimize your web presence for local customers:

Optimizing Your Website
Whether your self storage business has a single location or multiple facilities, it’s critical that your website is optimized for each local audience that you serve. A general website can provide useful background information about your company, but if you do not address every physical location individually, local audiences may have trouble finding the information they need, such as contact details or directions. Self storage businesses with just one location need to optimize site-wide, however if you have multiple facilities create individual webpages (landing pages) on the main website instead.

In either case, here are a few tips to optimize your website for local customers:

  • Mention the location in page titles, headlines, and content. This helps the visitor pinpoint the facility in their area, and can increase rankings on search engines for local searches.
  • Prominently display address & contact information. If you have multiple facilities, publish this information on their respective landing pages. If you only have a single location, display this information site-wide.
  • Integrate Google Maps onto your website or landing pages to help customers to find you.
  • Provide unique content about each location, i.e. services, images, & multimedia.

Create Google Places Profiles
A profile on Google Places is a valuable tool for improving the visibility of a local business online. It helps your self storage locations show on Google search results for local searches, and it gets you listed on Google Maps. Each location requires its own individual profile, but if your self storage company has multiple facilities, you can use the ‘Manage Locations’ feature to make the process easier.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your Google Places profile:

  • Provide detailed information about your facility (i.e. address, phone #, images).
  • Ask customers to leave reviews on your page to strengthen your profile, boost your reputation, and help your page appear higher in Google searches.
  • Verify your profile(s) to show that the page is legitimate, and to gain control over all of Google Place’s features.

Get Listed On Online Directories 

For multiple facilities, link to their respective landing pages rather than just your website’s home page.

Online business directories are basically digital Yellow Pages. For your self storage business, these websites have a twofold impact on your ability to reach local customers. First, potential customers may use these directories to find your business, so these sources can help attract leads. Secondly, listing your facilities on these sites can help improve your ranking in Google’s local search results.

Here are a few tips for using online business directories to help reach local customers:

  • Get listed on popular and relevant directories, such as, and niche directories for the self storage industry.
  • Publish a listing on directories that serve your facility’s city. If you are a member of the Chamber of Commerce or other local organizations, obtain a citation on those websites too.
  • Ensure that your address and contact information is fully provided and consistent across all listings.
  • As with Google Places, if you are listing multiple locations, be sure to link to their respective landing pages.

Michael Smith is an SEO Associate at Powered by Search, a Toronto SEO agency, working on behalf of Public Storage Toronto, a self storage Toronto company.

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