Vacation Storage
Vacation Storage

Trying to plan a beach trip is no day at the beach. Attempting to organize a little date for two for the day can be difficult, but attempting to get ten adults, six kids, and four dogs to the beach is next to impossible. One way to make the logistical load a little lighter is to utilize vacation storage or beach self storage units. Not having to worry about how you’re going to haul surf boards, beach chairs, and pool toys along with everything else your family needs is worth every red cent.


Up and down the coast you’ll find secure self storage facilities with ample sizes to choose from to accommodate your family’s needs for vacation storage. You can find a locker that will keep chairs, pool toys, an umbrella, and a few odds just fine. It’s much easier to leave all of that little, sandy, oh-so-needed gear at your destination of choice instead of hauling it all over with you. Trust me, the extra leg room in the car is so necessary. You’ve got to have room in the ol’ family vehicle for souvenirs, right?


Maybe you need a little bit more space for things like a kayak, bedding, camping gear, and more; that’s no problem either! Larger, drive-up units are an option as well. Lugging a kayak up a few flights of stairs or dragging a bag slam full of pool shoes, diving sticks, and goggles isn’t fun. Pick a vacation storage unit that will let you pull right up to the door and shove all of that stuff out until it is ready for next year. Also, what easier way to start your annual trip than to have all of your stuff ready and waiting to be picked up!


If your vacation toys are little bigger, and more expensive, like an RV or a boat, storage options are available for you as well! Keep your watercraft safely harbored away until you need to use it. Research options that work best for your needs. A variety of vehicle and boat storage options are available to you. If you’ve got a top-of-the-line RV, you’ll want to rent with a company that can keep it fully protected from the weather and all of the elements. Browse around and compare several different local facilities.


Vacation are supposed to be a fun and relaxing break from reality. Let go of some of your worries by putting your stuff into a storage unit near your vacation destination. Starting off your trip by squeezing your family and all of your stuff in your car for a long ride is not a great first start; instead, opt for just a 15-minute tight drive by renting a storage unit near your home away from home! #usestorage