Time is money this weekend with so many stores having Labor Day sales.

By Rebecca Mathison, Guest Blogger

I feel as though Laura and Kristin have expressed their feelings on back-to-school, but they both missed one aspect. The hidden GEM of back-to-school time is that it is also ORGANIZATIONAL MAKEOVER SEASON! No, that isn’t a real thing and yes my friends make fun of me for creating things like that, but that’s okay.

Stores cater to college kids RIGHT NOW! Students are mostly in their dorms now and are settling in for the school year. That means they’re finishing up organizing their dorms WHICH MEANS that they are ending their shopping trips for room stuff WHICH MEANS organization things are going on SALE! Retail chains want to dump that stuff so they can fill those major corners of the store with Halloween stuff so that they can immediately push Christmas and the rest of the holiday season on us.

You need to pounce on these Labor Day sales and take advantage of the savings while organizing your home. Pretty much any space in your house can get a makeover at this time of year. There are many, many options for office storage (obviously). You can get file folders, drawer organizers, filing cabinets, cheap-o plastic bins, and so much more right now. The prices on this stuff goes up SO MUCH during the off season. Now is a great time to buy any school/office supply stuff.

But the Labor Day sales don’t just extend to office stuff. Target.com is featuring kitchen and laundry room organization pieces on sale right now. Walmart.com is featuring bath and closet organizers. Even many furniture stores are featuring GREAT discounts and rates this weekend so you can purchase new coffee tables with storage options or find a day bed with a trundle option or drawers! The possibilities are endless.

Can you feel my excitement coming through with my writing? Because I genuinely am excited. This weekend is fantastic practice for Black Friday–and you know I’m going to be out super early then.

Check local ads to see what is on sale this weekend.

Back to to the topic at hand… take a minute and walk around your home or office and see what you’d like to spruce up a bit. Are you tired of having all of those plastic food containers fall out when you open the cabinet? Go to a store THIS WEEKEND and use the sales to buy an organizer. Do you wish your sports equipment wasn’t piled in the corner of your garage? Go out this weekend and get a bin for it all! Does your office need a new mini-fridge? Those too will be on sale this weekend. (What office couldn’t benefit from a micro-fridge, right?)

So, get your comfy (but still cute) shoes on and hit the stores! Take advantage of all of the great sales on storage and organizational items and give your home or office an “organizational makeover.” Who doesn’t like saving money AND having a cleaner place to live?