Creating & following a packing guide can make things much easier. (

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger

Essential Packing Guide

Packing is one of the most tedious and time-consuming jobs there is when it comes to moving home. It often takes many hours for us to pack up our belongings before we move home but often we do not take the necessary time and care to get the very best removals results. It is important to plan ahead and know exactly what to do before you begin and, in this way, we can guarantee that your goods will be well looked after during the stressful removals process.

Creating & following a packing guide can make things much easier. (
Creating & following a packing guide can make things much easier. (

Keep it Together!

When you come to unpack your items, you will want everything in just the right place. That’s why by grouping similar items together, you will save a great deal of time when it comes to unpacking. Lots of small items that are attached to larger ones, for example screws in a table, should be kept together. Use tape and small plastic bags to keep these smaller items with their larger counterparts to ensure that you don’t lose them in the removals process. If you find that you have a lot of leftover parts that don’t seem to fit in anywhere, make a box full of these odds and ends. Try to keep all cables for electronic equipment together with their parts- you don’t want to be searching through a bag of non-descript cables in search for your TV cables.

Pack in Advance

Try to get a lot of your packing done in advance so that you can avoid a last minute dash to pack everything away. For example, if you are moving in the winter try to pack away all of your Hawaiian shirts and flip-flops first- it’s doubtful that you will need them in the middle of November!

Make a list of items that you rarely use or have many of so that you can pack well in advance. If you have several televisions in your home, pack all but one so that you only need watch TV on one television during the last week. Likewise, pack away rarely used kitchen items and try to live on the bare minimum for as long as possible before the move. In this way, you will save yourself a lot of time and stress in the long run. There really is too much to do on your last day, so by being prepared you will make your move so much easier.

Keep Valuable Items Close By

Some things you will certainly want to keep close at hand at all times during the removal. Items such as jewellery, silver and gold are all, obviously, extremely valuable and you don’t want them to get lost. Pack a bag of such belongings, taking care to wrap and protect them all properly, and keep this bag in a safe place such as your bedroom. On the day of the move, take this bag everywhere with you. It may be an idea to use a rucksack so that you are always wearing it and ensuring that it doesn’t get lost. Whatever your valuables, make sure that they are fully insured before you go, just in case anything does happen. This needn’t cost a lot and will be peace of mind at an already hectic time. Being prepared like this also means having receipts, photos and appraisals of your goods, so be sure to get this step done well ahead of your move as paperwork can take quite a while to complete.

Use Personalised Plastic Boxes

Assign each family member, or each room, with a different coloured plastic box. This way, you can keep in control of what needs to go where and when. Also, by using plastic boxes you can be sure of getting many years of great use out of them once you have moved home. Sticking to routines like this can help you follow your packing guide.


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