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By Mike Jones, VP of Operations, USstoragesearch.com

You know how they say that you should live in the moment and tell the people close to you how important they are to you while you have a chance? Well, the same can go for your packed up items. Granted, loved ones are more important than stuff, but, be honest, stuff is important to and can hold a sincere amount of sentimental (and sometimes monetary value). It’s important to find a good balance of marking how important the contents of a box are without overselling it when getting items ready for storage or to be moved. Overselling a box as overly valuable might just prove to be too tempting to for a random passerby who sees you moving or seeing boxes in the back of a truck or car. Here are some ways to keep track of your important items without being over-the-top:

When packing up your valuable items, be sure to carefully label the boxes to indicate their importance without making them seem too monetarily valuable. (Shutterstock.com)

Create an “Important” Inventory List

Inventory lists are a good idea for the entire moving process, but having a list of important boxes or items that would be more devastating to lose than others should be kept on their own list. Keep the list in your pocket of what should be around at that given moment. For example, once you start loading your truck, check off what you see there. Glance around and make sure the grandfather clock is there, your lock box is on there, the photo album box is there but you still aren’t seeing your wife’s wedding dress box yet. That’s your queue to go find the wedding dress box. Do this quick check of the most important items again once you get to your storage unit or to whatever your next destination might be. Routinely doing a check of this inventory list should help give you peace of mind and help you track stuff.

Label Boxes, but label them descretely

I suggest you do something like “Box 1 of 7” if you have 7 highly important boxes that need to be accounted for at all times. Marking “Grandma’s priceless jewelry” or “Signed Baseball Collection” or “Financial Records & Banking Statements” would make that box tempting for even some of the most honest people. Instead, you should mark Grandma’s jewelry as “Grandma’s Things Box 1 of 7” and the baseball collection should be “Office Decorations Box 2 of 7.” People will more likely think you have fake ferns and diplomas in there that way and nobody wants to take your fake fern.

You Handle The Really Important Things

After you’ve properly labeled everything and have put it on your inventory list, maybe it is still a good idea for you to be the one to move things. Keep cool about it, but you should have a stack of boxes off to the side that you put in your personal vehicle instead of on the moving truck that you handle. If there is something that you just truly couldn’t stand if something happened to it, then you be responsible for it. Clearly this should be reserved for only the most important of the most important items, but that’s okay to have those. You keep your box of baby books and kids’ artwork with you if that is something that you couldn’t fathom losing. Everything else, you should find ways to trust others to deal with especially if they are qualified professionals.

I’ve had those moments where I couldn’t find something important and I know how scary it can be. I suggest you take the time and the into packing and watching over those things if they are that valuable (either monetarily or sentimentally valuable). It’s okay to trust qualified, trained professionals to move your items, but if it would give you peace of mind to double check a few things or handle a few things on your own, then that it understandable.