Check out the packing tips page from for more information on packing and storage. (pterwort/

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

When packing up to move or to put things into a storage unit, remembering to tackle some of the more tedious tasks isn’t always easy to do, but it is certainly important. People tend to remember the packing tips like labeling boxes or keeping like items together, but it is the little things that can make a world of different to your next storage or moving experience. Here are some little things to keep in mind when you’re packing:

Check out the packing tips page from for more information on packing and storage. (pterwort/
Check out the packing tips page from for more information on packing and storage. (pterwort/
  • Reinforce boxes: Clearly you know to fold down or tape down the top of the box so things don’t fall out, but you should also put tape along the seams of heavier boxes. Putting a strip of tape all the way around a box can help make it sturdier and take some of the pressure off of the box’s seams. Let tape do something of the work of keeping the box closed on all sides.
  • Put items in bags then in boxes: Things like ink pens, crayons, candles, and toiletries should all go into zip-shut plastic bags before being put into boxes. Ink pens can burst and leak causing a giant mess. Crayons and candles can melt and quickly stain and ruin nearby items. Any bottle containing a liquid could leak and cause major damage. Zip shut bags help to contain any possible messes. Packing tips like this can potentially save you a lot of money.
  • Pack priority items together: You should have items separated by rooms, but within those rooms you should have boxes separated by priority as well. You should put all of the stuff you’ll need the soonest together in one box so you aren’t having to put away nonsense when you’re busy initially moving in to a new place.
  • Think about durability: Packing tips all work together to help you. For this one, think about what the contents of the box might do if the box falls over. Are your items securely put in there where nothing would break? You have to assume that an accident might happen and plan accordingly.
  • Fold clothes: This might seem too obvious to for a packing tips list, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t fold clothes as they pack them away. You’ll appreciate this effort on the back end if you do it. If folding really isn’t your thing, consider getting wardrobe boxes and hanging as many of your things as possible.

Packing tips come from many people in many places whenever you mention that you’re moving or putting things into storage. We encourage you to do as much research as you can and learn from others so you can have a better experience. Find what works for you and keep a running list of your own packing tips so you can help yourself out more in the future.