Paper Storage: Protect Your Important Documents & Memories

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

Have you ever gotten lost in memories just flipping through the pages of a photo albums? Have you ever had a blast going through old report cards and papers from school? Have you ever felt total relief when you were able to put your hands on that important document that you desperately needed? All of these moments and more were possible and can continue to be possible if you organize and store your paper items properly. Paper storage is a bit different from some other items you store because paper is so sensitive. It doesn’t take much at all to ruin paper or to have it age. Here are a few basic paper storage tips to get you started:

Scrapbooks are one creative version of paper storage where using acid free products is important. ( CABO/

Scrapbooks are one creative version of paper storage where using acid free products is important. ( CABO/

Go Acid Free Everything

Acid found in normal paper or boxes can make your stored pictures and documents change color or deteriorate more quickly than they might if left alone. It’s important that you use only acid free storage devices for your paper storage. It’s fairly simple to find acid free photo albums these days, but there are more products than that which can be found in acid free options. Use acid free boxes and file folders to store your other documents properly.

Avoid Sunlight

Sunlight can quickly make paper turn yellow or fade from its original color. Paper storage should be kept in a dark place that doesn’t receive direct sunlight. If you must keep your paper storage in a bright room, then use opaque boxes instead of clear bins.

Avoid Moisture

Damp areas can damage paper faster than you can imagine. You know that musty smell old books often have? It’s usually because mold has developed due to years of exposure to moisture. If a damp basement is your only available home storage option, rent a small, cheap storage locker to keep your important items safe.

Use Acid Free Tissue Paper

Tissue paper can help keep glossy paper from sticking together. Paper storage practices should always involve acid free tissue in my opinion. Using this to protect your glossy pages and your important documents can help them retain their quality. Ink on plain paper as opposed to glossy gets sticky when it gets hot. Using tissue paper will help keep some of your important papers from sticking together.

As a a person who is afraid to throw away any documents, using proper paper storage helps me keep my things organized and in great shape. Thankfully I can look back at old family pictures or laugh at 1st grade essays because my memories have been well preserved in acid free containers. Also, thankfully, I can put my hands on just about any financial or personal record I need because they are all in folders organized nicely. Find ways to convert your paper storage into a more organized and acid free system.

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