Storage Facility Picture
Clean crisp storage facility picture.

We touched on this in December but as the busy season for self storage rentals is fast upon us it is important to remind operators using online self storage marketing services to lose the logo and get us some good quality pictures!

How do you improve the conversion rate from your online marketing resources? That is an open ended question with thousands of answers, each of which can individually improve your conversion rate a little and cumulatively they can greatly increase your overall conversion rate.

One of the most important aspects of your online marketing efforts is still in the pictures. People make emotional connections with photos. The descriptions of your facilities, the specials, the discounts, the highlighted ad copy is all great but triggers different parts of the overall consumer response. Listings that have photos vs. those that do not have a much higher click through rate on our site and visitors stay on listings with photos vs. those that do not much longer. Similarly, listings that have pictures vs. logos see similar performance increases.

The type of photo also can affect performance of your online marketing efforts. Pictures of brick and mortar are nice and tell people a story about what they are buying but pictures that allow them to connect on a more personal level are even better. Studies have been done that show people will click on photos that have real people in them more often and those photos also result in longer time on the page and higher conversion rates. Consumers can make an emotional connection with a person that they know they will be working with.

So the moral of the story is: include pictures of your friendly staff waiting to make the move-in experience pleasant & easy, include photos of happy tenants utilizing their storage units and include pictures of your self storage facility in the best light you can. Avoid logos, avoid stock photos (especially if you have multiple facilities) and upload pictures wherever possible so you aren’t at a competitive disadvantage compared to neighboring facilities that have good pictures. members can upload photos automatically through the member control panel or you can e-mail your photos to your sales rep or our general account at Any photos sent to us are uploaded immediately and visible to consumers looking at your listing.