Planning a Move Means Making Plans Fitting Your New Home

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

Most of the people are so focused on getting their items out of Point A that they forget to really consider everything that is going on at Point B when planning a move. Whether you hire somebody to pack up and move all of your things for you or if you opt to do it yourself, you need to keep in mind your new home during the packing process. Part of this process of planning a move is figuring out how (and what) is going to work at your new place.

Planning a move to a totally new location can be stressful. Renting a storage unit from can help. (Alfred Wekelo/

Planning a move to a totally new location can be stressful. Renting a storage unit from can help. (Alfred Wekelo/

First, check out the room sizes of your new home. Hopefully you’ve been given some sort of definitive room plan that shows the dimensions of each room. Figure out if all of your furniture is even going to fit into your new place. After you’ve established what can stay, sketch out a plan of action as to where you want all of your items placed. The key though is making sure you’re not bringing a giant section sofa to a room that can only hold one piece.

Along the same lines as figuring out what is going to fit inside, take a look at your outside situation as well. Planning a move means planning your backyard and garage as well. Your swing set, grill, patio sets, and other outdoor items might not fit or might not be needed. When you’re planning your move, selling off some of these bigger, bulkier, harder to move items might be something you’ll want to consider even if there is only a tiny bit of doubt that everything won’t work at Point B.

Lastly, even though something may physically fit in Point B, you might want to go ahead and still sell it, pitch it, or donate it what still at Point A. If you aren’t in love with a piece or really don’t have a need for it, take this time when you’re planning a move to purge items. If you don’t really like something in your old home, odds are you aren’t going to have a new found love for it when you’re busy and stressed at your new one. So one way or another, take some time when you’re planning a move to see what doesn’t need to come with you to your new place.

Moving should be fun and exciting experience–emphasis on SHOULD since we know moving tends to be one of the more stressful life events. However, we are big supporters of planning a move as much as possible to help make it easier. Troubleshooting problems before they arise can help greatly!

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