By Weston Cooper,

When it comes to choosing the best storage option for you, there are two major routes you could go. The first, of course, is the traditional self storage route, where you place your belongings in a storage facility. The second is a newer option for most storage seekers—portable storage. This storage route (sometimes referred to as “mobile storage” or “pods”) allows you to move your belongings into a storage unit that’s delivered to your home or office.

Both have their strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll have to weigh your options carefully before making a decision on which to use for your unique situation.

Traditional Self Storage


  • If you want to store belongings near your home and access them frequently, traditional self storage is your best bet. Some facilities even offer 24-hour access so you’ll never have to wait for a storage facility to open just to get to your storage items.
  • Self storage offers great amenities like gated access, climate-controlled storage, electrical outlets inside units, and drive-up access. All of these make your storage experience better.


  • Sometimes, to find self storage that fits within your budget, you have to rent from a storage facility that’s out of your way, so frequent trips to your unit could cost you more in fuel.
  • You need to do all of the moving yourself, which may require multiple trips to the storage facility.

Portable Storage


  • With portable storage units, you can keep your storage container for as long as you need. Once you’re done packing everything away, all you have to do is call the storage provider. They will either come pick up your pod and take it to a different location, or they’ll store it at their storage warehouse.
  • Portable storage is ideal for long-distance moves to a new home.


  • While you’re getting the most convenient storage option available, portable storage can be more expensive than renting a self storage unit.
  • If you end up storing your pod with the storage provider, you’d need to set up a delivery date in advance to get to your stuff, which can be a hassle if you need frequent access to your items.

Before you make your decision, be sure to compare the pros and cons of both portable storage and traditional self storage so you can find the best solution for you.