When you’re deployed overseas, thinking about your car might be the last thing on your mind.  But as you know, leaving a vehicle unattended for long periods of time can cause an automotive to slowly deteriorate and can create problems when you try to drive it again. Whether you plan on storing your vehicle in a storage unit or in your uncle’s garage for an extended period of time there are special steps you need to take to ensure mechanical problems don’t arise. Below you will find the ultimate “to do” tricks and tips if you plan on storing your car for an extended period of time:

  1. Begin with a complete and thorough wash of the car’s exterior. Make sure the car is completely dry
  2. Treat your painted and hard-chrome surfaces to great wax job
  3. Examine the car for rust, if you see any carefully scuff the areas so that is it removed
  4. Change your oil and oil filter, it will protect your car’s internal surfaces
  5. Add fuel stabilizer, such as Sta-Bil, and fill up your tank of gas
  6. After shutting off the engines and letting it cool, treat the belts and hose (I would recommend Pro Honda Spray Cleaner and WD-40)
  7. Check your power steering, transmission and brake fluids to make sure they are full, and caps are sealed tight.
  8. It’s a good idea for long term storage to remove each spark plug and use WD-40 in each cylinder then reinstall the plugs.
  9. Remove the battery and place it someplace dry and secure (shorter than two month go ahead and leave in)
  10. Check the tires and add air as necessary, make sure to inflate to proper pressure
  11. Release the parking break
  12. Place moisture-absorbing desiccant packets in the interior and trunk, along with some moth balls
  13. Slightly open a window and lock your doors just enough for them to “catch”. (this will prevent the door from compressing the weather stripping and door seals and prevent leaks in the future)
  14. Cover your vehicle with a high-quality cover, be sure to use a clean cover

List might seem like a tedious assignment but if you follow my tips you are ensuring that your car will be ready to roll when you get back!

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