Promote Communication by Sharing the Moving Plan

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

“She’s the lady in charge. Ask her,” is something I heard a LOT when I helped a friend move. It’s true. My friend is a terrific planner and had her moving plan organized to the smallest of details, but when she wasn’t around, everybody else was at a stand still. During that long, tedious day, we learned a lot about what it means to have good communication throughout the day.

Point of Contact

It’s great to have 1 person who spear heads the moving process and has everything under control. That person should be the first point of contact whenever possible throughout the day, but there needs to be at least one more person who is pretty much in-the-know about what is going on that day. Work shouldn’t stop because the key person who is running the show is occupied at the moment. So find your point of contact and then have a back-up person who is at least aware of the full moving plan be ready to help whenever needed.

Sharing your moving plan with all parties involved can help the moving day go by easier. (

Sharing your moving plan with all parties involved can help the moving day go by easier. (

Share Information

Sharing aspects of your moving plan like phone numbers, timelines, addresses, emergency information, and floor plans throughout the parties involved in the move can help a lot. This can be done ahead of time via email or it can be done in a quick meeting at the start of the day. It’s incredibly important to make sure that at the very least, every person involved in the moving process that day has each other’s phone numbers. Staying connected is essential.

Post Important Information

If something is truly, incredibly important, write it out and post it clearly during the moving day. For example, my friend had a cat in a previously emptied guest bedroom. To avoid the cat getting let out accidentally, we ended up writing on a sheet of paper “DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR” on the door to communicate clearly that this room was off limits. There will be times when somebody “in charge” won’t be around and if something is vitally important, be sure to write it down.

Sharing and communicating the moving plan can help the moving day so much easier. It is hard for people to meet your expectations if you haven’t clearly laid them out for them. Find ways to make sure everybody is in the loop on the moving day.


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