Protect your floors from moving damage using simple, cheap products. (Oleksiy Mark/

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

If you’re moving your things out of your old place or especially if you’re putting them into your new place, you’re going to want to carefully protect your floors and walls when transporting your things. The last thing  you want to deal with on a move day is repairing tears or dings in your floors or holes in your walls. You can take a few, simple preventative measures to retain the quality of your home’s surfaces during the chaos of a move.

Protect your floors from moving damage using simple, cheap products. (Oleksiy Mark/
Protect your floors from moving damage using simple, cheap products. (Oleksiy Mark/

Put Out Rolls of Plastic

A simple roll of thin plastic floor covering can work amazingly well to cover your floors. These rolls are relatively cheap and are good at deflecting most of the dirt and grime that gets tracked in by all of the people coming in and out. This product is best for covering your carpeted floors. I suggest you put a little painter’s tape on the edges of the wrap (yes, I know it is sticky but it still comes up) at spots where the film has to turn a corner and in front of doors. This little bit of precaution can help keep somebody from slipping and falling if the sticky paper gets bunched up or loses a little of its grip.

Cover the Walls of High Traffic Areas

I like to use painters tape to take up beach towels or pieces of cardboard in high traffic areas. I wrap the walls at the top and the bottom of the stairs to help protect them. Far too often people misjudge where the stairs begin and end up hitting the wall. The little bit of protection will help to ward off lots of little scratches and should help to minimize the damage of bigger accidents. Door frames and areas with sharp turns are also good to cover.

Tape Down Cardboard on Hard Wood Surfaces

Flattened cardboard boxes are great for protecting your hard wood floors. The cardboard helps to absorb a lot of the impact made when people walk over the surface or drop something on the surface. I suggest you first sweep out the area before using painters tape to put anything down to avoid damage. A little tiny piece of gravel trapped under cardboard that is getting walked on all weekend can leave a nasty scratch. Also, make sure to carefully tape down all side of the boxes to make the walking surface as safe as possible.

Save a Little Money

You don’t have to use sticky paper, cardboard boxes, or any other materials like that if you don’t already have them and don’t want to spend extra money. Old towels, carpet remnants, and old plastic tarps can all easily be used to give a little protection to the areas you’ll be moving into or out of. Also, you can ask stores if they have any boxes or pieces of broken down cardboard that you can have for free.

At the end of the day, you’re just trying to protect your homes while making sure that the people who are helping you move are safe. If you’re using professional movers, you can ask them what protective measures they provide or recommend. Also, many apartment buildings have moving plans in place where they put up protection in certain areas of the building for you.