Self Storage Blog Video
Self Storage Blog Video

Risk versus the reward is a principle that people, especially business owners, embrace nearly every day. When you’re investing money into marketing, of course you are going to mull over something for a minute or two. Luckily for you, most people have a camera built in on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. To help boost your self storage blog or website, consider integrating videos. To get you off the ground with this effort, you (most likely) don’t need to spend a dime; follow these few tips to help you get the ball rolling.


Finding Your Star


There’s no need to be camera shy. Often people pick the owner to be the “face of the company,” but if you have a dynamic personality in the business, let that person shine. Find somebody that people will like and can relate to. Whomever you choose to be your “star,” keep their wardrobe simple with a company polo. Keep the person’s look, personality, and script in line with your self storage business’s personality.


Keep It Simple


Start with videos that are easy to generate content for and make the most sense for your business. For example, your page that has moving or storage tips on it can easily be translated into a video. Within reason, you can use a lot of the content on the page to be your “script” for your on-air talent. A short video describing moving or storage tips is a great place to begin. People like handy tips and this topic should be simple enough where your “star” won’t need to memorize a lot and can seem natural.


Bring It Back to Your Business


Remember to always close your videos by encouraging people to come to your facility, call your office, visit online booking, or something along those lines. While you want to be informative and entertaining with these videos, the real goal is to drive people to spend money with your storage business in the end. Using videos to boost your self storage blog page engagement is a helpful bonus to this effort, but driving people to you is the ultimate goal.


Practicing is Your Friend


Record the video, watch the video, critique the video, reshoot the video. You want these videos to be successful because they are good– not because they go viral as a blooper. Sure, any attention is good attention to an extent, but that’s where we start pushing the risk vs reward factor. As previously stated, keep it simple and create quality videos. Since you don’t have to pay for actors, a crew, or an editor, reshooting isn’t a big deal.


Videos can, and should be, fun! This is a chance to boost your digital presence and reach a market of people who like to watch videos. More and more people are seeking videos to learn and to be entertained. If you play your cards right, you can do both to boost your business and your self storage blog traffic.