Finding a quality moving company that you can trust is an important part of the moving process. (Tyler Olson/

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

When looking for a quality moving company, essentially you are looking for somebody you can trust with nearly all of your worldly possessions. Think about it, you’re trusting these movers with just about everything you have in your home. Finding a high quality movers that can offer a great value is essential. When researching moving companies, there are a few questions you should ask in order to help you pick the best company for you. Some questions to ask movers to get you started in your search are:

Is your company licensed and insured?

Moving companies should be willing to prove documentation if questioned. In a perfect world, we would be able to trust anybody with our stuff if they tell us we can trust them, but that just isn’t always the case. Only opting to work with companies who are properly licensed is a good first step in finding a company you can trust. Be sure to ask about liability coverage at this point as well.

Finding a quality moving company that you can trust is an important part of the moving process. (Tyler Olson/
Finding a quality moving company that you can trust is an important part of the moving process. (Tyler Olson/

How does your company charge for an in-town move?

Different moving companies charge in different ways. Some companies charge by weight, some by the hour, and some go by the number of movers required. When acquiring price quotes, it’s important to differentiate how each company calculates price. If you find a couple of companies that you are  interested in, ask about having an estimate done in person to receive a more accurate quote.

Can I see references?

Companies should be able to provide you with references. Being able to know that people are willing to vouch for a company helps to prove that they are reputable. With so many online review sites now, it is decently easy to figure out if a company is being honest with their references.

Can I have a copy of all of the contracts? 

You should keep a copy of contracts with you. Have in writing what services you should receive and at what price.

What special services do you offer and what are the costs?

Special services might be something like going to a second location, like another home or a storage unit, to pick up items. Some companies might not go into a shed, attic, or basement as part of their regular services package. Inquire about such things if any of these previously mentioned situations applies to you.

What is the price difference between packing things myself versus hiring you to pack them?

Sometimes, it is just worth the extra money to save yourself some time and stress. Hiring others to pack up all of your stuff can be a great option for so many people. Granted, there is a list of things they can’t pack, but hiring somebody to do the bulk of it can be wonderful. Find out what the cost might be and what their system of packing is to see if it might work for you.

These are just several of the many questions you can/should ask a potential moving company. This basic list is to help you narrow down your list of potential companies and options. You need to find a company you can trust, that is reputable, and can offer you a quality value.