Use Self Storage to Reclaim a Bedroom

By Patrick Galvan,

Whether you’re in an apartment or house, saving space is a necessity for comfortable living. Using extra rooms for storage might seem nice at times, but it could inconvenience you in the future. What happens if you have friends or relatives over for an extended visit? Where will they sleep if your guest bedroom is packed full of boxes and other personal belongings?

This is the perfect situation for renting a self storage unit. If you need to reclaim a guest bedroom, check out our tips below.

What items should you store and which should you keep at home?

When clearing out your guest bedroom, your first step is to separate items. A good way to determine which items need to stay at home and which can go into storage is thinking about what you use frequently and what you don’t.

Obviously, you’ll want to keep most of the furniture in the room, like a bed or futon, a TV, nightstands, and dressers. However, if you have any extras of these items that won’t be used, they can be moved to self storage. Also, anything you (or your guests) won’t need on a regular, day-to-day basis can be moved into your storage unit. Out-of-season clothing, boxes of old books and photos, and sporting gear are all prime examples of things that could be moved to storage.

What storage unit size should you rent?

Once you’ve decided which items you want to move out of the guest bedroom, you need to figure out how big of a storage unit you need. But just because your guest bedroom is 10×10 or larger doesn’t always mean you need a 10×10 storage unit (Remember: The items in the bedroom are spread out. When condensed, they won’t take up that much space).

Though storage units look small, they can actually hold more items than you think. For example, if you’re storing a mattress set, a dresser, sporting equipment, and a few tubs of clothing, they will easily fit into a 5×10 storage unit. If you’re only storing a few boxes, however, a 5×5 should be all you need.

It helps to add shelving to your storage unit, too. Not only does shelving ensure your protection since it means items are off of the floor and put away neatly, but it’s also an efficient way to organize your possessions inside your unit. Keeping your storage unit organized makes it that much easier to find items in case you need them.

Are there any storage features you need?

Certain items are sensitive to heat, cold, and humidity—clothing, electronics, antique furniture, paper items, and musical instruments. If you plan to store any of these to reclaim space in your home, find a unit that’s equipped with climate control.

Climate-controlled storage acts as a heater, air conditioner, humidifier, and dehumidifier for your storage unit, keeping humidity low and temperatures between 55-85°F. Even if you’re only storing sensitive items in a unit for a few months, climate control will protect them from any weather-related damage (which could lead to expensive repairs or replacement).

Another feature to think about is storage security. Before you rent a unit at a storage facility, be sure to ask what security amenities they have. Basic security features include gated access, perimeter fencing, and unit locks, but some facilities will go above and beyond with video surveillance, alarmed units, and on-site management. If you’re concerned about the safety of your items in self storage, finding a facility with advanced security measures may be worth the extra cost.

Reclaiming space in your home doesn’t have to be a game of shuffling items from room to room every time you need a bedroom for guests. It’s as simple as renting a self storage unit.