Reclaim Your Rooms & Rent a Storage Space

Rent a storage unit from to reclaim the rooms in your home. (

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

My love for the home finding shows is no secret. I love to watch them and love to listen to all of the cliché statements that get made like, “I hate the paint color” or “I wish there were more storage space.” My favorite statements are the ones like, “with all this space, I can finally have that home office that I’ve always wanted.” I would LOVE to see how many people actually created those home offices, man caves, sewing rooms, and other bonus feature rooms that they had dreams about when first looking at the home. My skeptic notions come from my own experiences and the people around me. My reading zone is now a storage space for excess workout equipment, random office items, and half of a bookcase. For those people who let those dream rooms turn into storage spaces, I say take your dream spaces back and RENT a storage unit!

Rent a storage unit from to reclaim the rooms in your home. (
Rent a storage unit from to reclaim the rooms in your home. (

Storage units are peppered throughout most cities and suburban areas making finding one close to home easy and convenient. If you look at the stuff that is piling up in your dream room, ask yourself how often you actually use most of the things in there. If it is only once or twice a year, then put it in storage! With great locations and many facilities offering 24 hour access, you don’t have to worry about not being able to get to your stuff.

Look at the pretty attic in the picture. That attic space that was probably once filled with holiday decorations, seasonal clothes, and old toys is now a usable, functional, pretty area. You too can have that pretty area in your home if you rent a storage space.

Whether it’s the person on TV buying a home or somebody you know in real life, the idea of “there is never enough space” usually rings true during the home searching process. If you keep in mind that there are many self storage facilities nearby, you can rent a unit and have all of the functional space in your home that you want.